Explore China with one of our carefully designed China tours, and you will enjoy the beauty, history, and culture of this vast country. Amongst the countless fascinating sites to visit are: -
The Great Wall;
The Forbidden City;
The Terracotta Army and Jade Buddha;
The natural beauty of the Li River in Quilin;
The mighty Yangtze River;
The unforgettable giant Panda sactuary; and
The exciting cities of Shanghai and Hong Kong.

All our tour guides have China Travel & Tourism licenses as qualified tour guides specializing in tours for the individual city they guide you through. Most of our tours are private tours in a small group with your own tour guide and driver. However, if you wish, we can arrange daily public coach tours with tour groups. We also have the flexibility to mix private small group tours that we advertise on our website, with large public coach tours with tour groups - we tailor your tours to suit your interests and itinerary.

Your tour group can be as small as one person with a private guide and driver; or as large as a school group or educational organization requiring a coach and tour guide that follow an itinerary set by the group. Our tours, with flexible tour starting dates, and tailor made destinations for small and large groups, mean we can supply tours throughout the year to meet your needs.

Please read through our ‘Tour Itineraries’ and ‘How to Book’ and contact our travel planner on 08448076105 or submit your enquiries via email