Chinese Kung Fu Show

Wushu is the meca of the Chinese Kung Fu (martial arts) in Henan Province at the present day. Kung Fu lovers who congregate there for the annual international Wushu festival and every morning, people practicing Chinese martial arts in street corners and public parks.

‘The Legend of Kung Fu’ is presented by the China’s leading performance art production company – The China Heaven Creation International Performing Arts Company Limited (CHC). The company collected a group of the best Kung Fu practitioners of China and invited the best directors and designers of the country. The production is for tourists and it is a must see products in Beijing.

‘The Legend of Kung Fu’ is a story about a young boy to overcome many difficulties and temptations before he conquers and finally gets his sacred goal of enlightenment to become a Kung Fu master.

History of Chinese Kung Fu first sprouted is unknown. It is estimated that Chinese Kung Fu can be dated back to the primeval society. At the beginning, the Chinese Kung Fu is used to protect themselves from wild beasts, and eventually became a self defence skill. Kung Fu shaped up in a slave society. During Shang and Zhou period, the theory of Tai Chi is come into being Kung Fu. In Qin and Han Dynasty, wrestling, swordplay as well as martial arts dancing were very popular. During this period, the applications of spear play and reached its summit together with many other techniques of spear usage. Tang Dynasty put the Kung Fu to examination, which propel into the development of Kung Fu.

The development of Kung Fu achieved the climax in Song and Yuan Dynasties. Civil organizations became more and more popular to practice Kung Fu, but Chinese Kung Fu achieved larger development is during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Mass of books on martial arts was published. In modern times, Kung Fu turned into a part of Chinese gymnastic and in 1927 - Central National Martial Arts Society was established and Chinese Martial Arts team went into Berlin Olympics in 1936. In 1999, International Martial Arts League became the formal member of International Individual Events Federation in Olympic Games. It implies the Chinese Kung Fu is walking toward the whole world step by step.