Chinese Acrobatics show

Chinese Acrobatics show is one of the entertainments while you are visiting China that must not be missed by the young and old. China has many world class acrobatic troupes because practically all major cities will have its own acrobatic troupe. Young children are selected to be trained as performers. While you are visiting Beijing or Shanghai, you can see the breath taking acrobatics demands to verge on the impossible skill of timing and balancing.

One of the popular and favourite group bicycling shows is the ten cycling girls finally all ending up on one single bicycle and spread out with their fans look like a peacock. Girl performers can bend and fold their bodies to a position where the feet clasped to the face, and the head and their hands are still balancing some glasses. Juggling of large porcelain urns, is another exciting acts, others like martial arts, balancing of bowls, umbrellas or stacked chairs, rope walking, pole climbing, roller skating and plate swirling, all are so joyful to watch with amazement and admiration.

The Chinese acrobatics is over two thousand years old, but some even claim it is over four thousand years old on the basis of the mythical Yellow Emperor, who started a martial form of acrobatics at a victory celebration in Wuqiao some 300 km south of Beijing. That is why nowadays every adult in Wuqiao knows some acrobatic trick. Wuqiao held the Wuqiao International Acrobatics Festival which is an event for the international acrobatic fraternity. In Han Dynasty, the acrobatics became refined which time juggling; fire eating, knife swallowing and tight rope walking were regular features. In the Tang Dynasty, acrobatics received the royal patronage with shows performed for the imperial court as depicted by a Dunghuang Grotto mural. By the Song Dynasty, acrobatics became upstaged by opera as an entertainment for the literate and the ruling class. Today the fascinating Chinese acrobatics descended to be an entertainment for the ordinary folks, it continually sustained and nurture by the commoners.

Stage images, music, choreography and costumes backed up by props and lighting is the success of acrobatics. The regular competitions in China for acrobatic advance skills have made China as a nation with the unique oriental form of acrobatics that is making the Chinese acrobatic so famous in the world.