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Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is a popular tourist attraction as the Pearl of the Orient, besides being an important financial market of the world. This small island occupies an area of 1,092 square kilometres (422 square miles), situated in the Southeast corner of China and East of the Pearl River’s entrance. The growing population reaching over 7 million, of which 95 percent is Chinese, and the rest are various nationalities. The official languages in Hong Kong are English and Chinese.

Since the Song Dynasty 960 to 1279, people inhabiting small fishing villages and lived on the production of incense sticks, which were then shipped from a nearby port. In ancient time it belonged to China’s Guangdong Province and its old name called Xianggang, which became Hong Kong in English after the Opium War in 1842. It was handed over to Great Britain as a colony until return to China in 1997. Hong Kong have since been made as a ‘Special Administrative Region’ and maintaining its own systems even though as part of China. It has been running successfully and improved in a very positive direction.

Hong Kong’s climate is a sub-tropical located by the ocean. Both in spring and in autumn are sunny and comfortable, with the temperature is averaging at about 23C. Summer with an average temperature of 28C and is sweltering and humid. Winter is dry and cool with an average temperature of 17C. With such weather, it makes Hong Kong a year round travel destination and of course, ideally speaking spring and autumn are the best time to visit. Hong Kong is geographically and administratively divided into three main regions: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories (New City Zone).

You will find Hong Kong is like the City of London and New York City put together in one place but a place of delightful, utterly safe, fantastically organised, excitements. There are 3 main offers to anyone who visited Hong Kong = Shopping, Food, Drinks, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This go with entertainments and clubs, and this city never sleep! For those want to take time out, you can visit many outer islands of Hong Kong offering sun, sea and sandy beaches for relaxation. Hong Kong has certainly maintained its name as the Pearl of the Orient!
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