Yangtze, China

"Yangtze River Cruises" specialize in tours of China including Yangtze cruises to the Three Gorges. We also include exploration of the breathtaking Shennong Stream, and ample opportunity to learn about the ancient Chinese culture. Come with us and start the vacation of your dreams.

Yangtze River Cruise

The best way to discover China - a land that is splendidly foreign and decidedly unforgettable - is by our elaborately designed cruise plans. Your cruise, hotel, sightseeing tours and meals are all included in one price. China Travel Service offers special arrangements for Classic Yangtze Packages, Splendid Yangtze Cruises and Small Group China Tours to travel anywhere in China, including Beijing, Xi'an, Yangtze River, Shanghai, and Tibet.

Amazing Yangtze

From the treeless Mountain Tanggula of Upper Qinghai, the Yangtze River winds 3,900 miles through the country from west to east. The journey from Chongqing to Wuhan includes the "Three Gorges" and is characterized by its picturesque natural scenery. The various ports of call along the way offer great opportunities to experience our ancient cultural heritage. Come with us and discover this special part of China, with its great humanity, beauty and time-honored history.

The Yangtze River

Cruise 1400 kilometers through the heart of China along the most beautiful stretch of the world's third largest river. The journey beginning from Chongqing, through the Three Gorges the highlight of the cruise, on downstream to Wuhan takes four days, while the upriver journey, from Wuhan to Chongqing takes days.
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