Lhasa, China

As the capital city of Xizang Autonomous Region, Lhasa City is the political, economic and cultural center and the communications hub as well as the holy land of Zang-origin Buddhism. Renowned for its long history, picturesque scenery, magnificent culture, unique local conditions and customs, numerous places of interests and strong religious flavor, Lasa (meaning holy land or Buddhism land) is one of the 24 famous historical and cultural cities first announced by the State Council and its Budala Palace is included in the World Cultural Relics List by the UNESCO. Lying in the valley plains of Lasa River, a branch of the Yarlung Zangbo River, Lasa city has a fair and sunny weather all around the year with the annual precipitations averaging about 500 minimeters. Without bitter coldness in winter and scorching heat in summer but with fresh air and splendid sunshine, Lasa is always entitled "Sunshine City" and is a superior summer resort. Lasa City comprises over ten ethnic groups including the Zang, Han and Hui nationalities with the Zang accounting for 87%. With a population of 200,000 and about 50-square- kilometer urban area, Lasa is rich in water. land, agriculture, medicinal herbs, ores, energy and tourism resources. Since the third plenary session of the 11th Central Committee of the CPC, Lasa has undergone earthshaking changes in social and economic fields as it sticks to the policy of deepening reform and opening wider to the outside with economic development as the core. Lass's GDP reached RMB 700 million yuan in 1997 and the revenues RMB 200 million yuan. In recent years, Lasa has witnessed rapid development in the basic industries of transportation, energy resources. telecommunications and city construction. With Qinghai-Xizang Road, Sichuan-Xizang Road and China-Nepal Road meeting at Lasa and the Gongga airport where large aircraft such as Boyin 767 can take off and land, Lasa has a very convenient land and air communications; Lasa also possesses a telecommunications network supported by advanced equipment covering both the urban and rural areas; Lasa's undertakings in the fields of science and technology as well as health care have witnessed steady development; the various kinds of city construction grow harmoniously, bringing new looks for the city every day. With a special preferential policy granted by the country in the Region's finance and tax, monetary affairs, investment, foreign trade, development of agriculture and animal husbandry, enterprise reform and others, Lasa boasts a very fair and attractive investment environment. A new Lasa will appear before the world with more political stability, accelerated economic growth and a new look while people live and work in peace and contentment.
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